आज दिनांक 25/03/2012 को नोएडा एक्स्टेंशन के बायर्स ने नेफ़ोमा के बैनर तले जंतर-मंतर पर बड़ी संख्या में पहुँच कर अन्ना अजारे जी को एक ज्ञापन सौपा ।
ज्ञापन में अन्ना हजारे जी से नोएडा के जमीन विवाद को फ़िर से ना उठाने के लिये प्रार्थना की गई । जैसा की यह सर्वविदित था कि 25/03/2012 को अन्ना जी सामूहिक अनशन पर बैठने वाले है। उसी संदर्भ में नोएडा एक्स्टेशन के बायर्स भी अपने फ़्लेट के लिये एक दिन का सामुहिक अनशन करने का फ़ैसला लिया । नेफ़ोमा के बैनर तले सभी बायर्स जंतर -मंतर पहुँचे और अन्ना के सहयोगी मनीश सिसोदिया के माध्यम से यह प्रार्थना कि की जब भी बात होती है किसानो की बात होती है , किसानो की बात की जाये लेकिन साथ ही उन बायर्स को भी नही भूलना चाहिए जिन्होने अपने जीवन भर की कमाई अपने सपने के लिये लगा दी हो । बायर्स को जब यह पता लगा कि अन्ना जी ग्रेटर नोएडा जा कर किसानो की जमीन की बात करेगें तो सभी बायर्स को राहुल गांधी जी का भट्टा परसोल याद आ गया । लगने लगा कि कही हमारे घरो पर एक बार फ़िर राजनीति ना शुरु हो जाये । अन्ना टीम की ओर से यह विश्वास दिलाया गया है कि वो इस बारे में विचार करने के लिये तैयार है ।

कुछ लोगो ने नेफ़ोमा को अप्रोच कर के यह प्रार्थना की थी कि हम अपना धरना एन.सी.आर.प्लानिंग बोर्ड की मीटिंग तक टाल दे । उनका यह भी कहना था कि इस से नेगेटिव मैसेज चला जायेगा । और वादा किया गया था कि इस बार एन.सी.आर. प्लानिंग बोर्ड से कुछ न कुछ जरुर निकल कर आएगा । बायर्स के फ़ेवर को देखते हुऎ नेफ़ोमा ने यह फ़ैसला किया कि २२ तारिख को होने वाली मीटिंग का रिजल्ट देख लिया जाऎ । फ़िर भी हम सभी बायर्स को विशवास दिलाते है कि अगर इस बार एन.सी.आर. प्लानिंग बोर्ड की मीटिंग में कुछ नही निकलता है तो हम सभी प्लानिंग बोर्ड के दिल्ली आँफ़िस पर पहुँच कर बड़ा विरोध दर्ज करायेगें । इसके अलावा नेफ़ोमा कानूनी रूप से भी अपनी कार्यवाही कर रहा है । जिसका जल्द ही ऎलान कर दिया जायेगा । 


This is to inform you that our Dharna program in front of NCRPB scheduled on 22nd March ' 2012 has been called off. We shall wait for the outcome of the meeting of NCRPB dt. 26th March. Depending upon the same, we would reschedule our Dharna if required...



We Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association (NEFOMA) had a Meeting at our Office in Sector-5, Noida. Today we discussed about our future plans and strategies.

Members who we are present at the meeting were : Mr. Devender Kumar (Founder), Annu Khan (Vice President), Mr. Vijay Trivedi (Director), Mr. Indrish Gupta (Co-founder) and Ms. Shweta Bharti, (Gen. Sec.) and Chetan Tyagi, Ajay Kumar, Ravinder Jain, Banwarilal, Sanjay Sharma, Suresh Rai, Ravinder Chinwan, Santosh Singh, Rupesh Shukla, Rahul Choudhary, Keshav Kumar, Virender Adhikari, Ranjit Kumar Singh, Hemant Jha, Bheem Bhahadur, Kailash Chand Jaat, Kaushik Das, Manish Awasthi, Manoj Kumar Singh, M.Ganesh and other members of Nefoma also presented in the meeting. Some of the points we discussed are as under:

1. As timeline committed by NCRPB and authority is almost over and new government is going to form soon, we buyers should plan our strategy what to do next. Next NCRPB is scheduled for 26 March, so we Nefoma is planning to meet at their office before that on large scale . So you all are requested to please come in full numbers with family and join this meeting.

2. We are trying to fix-up a meeting with new Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav at Lucknow. We would request him to please look into this matter personally and solve the problem of over 1 Lac middle class families.

3. When the new govt. is formed on 15th….. it is very much possible that CEO of Noida/ Greater Noida will be changed, how effectively the new CEO will be able to raise his point in the Court. If new CEO is appointed, the we will fix-up a meeting with him and find-out what authority has done since our last meeting.

4. We, Nefoma is planning to file a case in the court for the early start of construction work, as we are paying EMI and rent for the last 1 year.

5. We decided our next meeting date on 18th March at Gutam Budh Statue (Noida Entry Point) at 12.30pm to decide our next step.

So we request all affected people of Noida Extension on behalf of Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association (NEFOMA) take one day leave from your office and participate in the meeting at NCRPB Office, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Colony Delhi

NOIDA: Dreading further setback to the fate of housing projects, work on which has been in limbo for months, the Noida Extension homebuyers' body has sent an open letter to the Samajwadi Party head office in Lucknow enquiring about the fate of the 2 lakh upcoming housing units in the area.
The buyers' inquiry also comes ahead of the NCR Planning Board meeting scheduled for March 26. During the meeting approval of the Greater Noida Master Plan 2021, a mandatory requirement for the Noida Extension projects to resume, might be discussed.
"News reports are rife with speculation on whether the new government in UP will stall Mayawati's pet projects. Besides, in 2004, the SP government had disbanded the district and stalled numerous projects. We decided it was best to apprise the new government of our situation," said Abhishek Kumar of Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association.
"We have requested the new government to think of the one lakh middle-class buyers who have pumped their savings into these housing units. SP seems to have revamped itself and seems more progressive this time, so we hope that the government will keep our interests in mind," said Devendra Kumar, another buyer.
In the letter, the buyers' body has requested SP leaders Mulayam and Akhilesh to help them. "We believe that the fate of Noida Extension now depends on the new government completely. In the past, the Greater Noida Authority as well as the BSP government did little to sort out the issue. But we hope that the new government will help us tide over the crisis soon," Kumar added.


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