We need volunteers to help out at the rally on Saturday 17th Dec '2011. Can you help ??? There will be a volunteer meeting at Noida Entry Point, Gautam Budha Statue (Sharp), on Dec '4 from 11:30pm to 1.30 pm .
If you would like to volunteer, send an email to admin@nefoma.org or call : 08595071867 , 9958082973, 9268264764 , 9818151814 , 9716025786

APPEAL …..APPEAL......APPEAL......APPEAL with Buyers
To all members to attend the meeting on 4th December 2011 at Noida Entry Point, Gautam Budha Statue 11.30 am (Sharp) to decide further on our rally of 17th Dec' 2011, regarding Noida Extension. Kindly come in full strength and give your suggestions to make this Rally a success.

It's an preparation meeting for 17th Dec' 2011 rally..

Dear Buyers (Fight for our Rights) APPEAL from me / NEFOMA

Only give two Hrs to us with your family, children, mother, father, Husband to get his HOME in the right time, because whatever we are doing, doing for our beloved Family, we earn money for him, we work for him, this is also a work towards your family (Most probably for our children, Who is future of this country and if we show crowdedness, laziness they will never forgive to us) this the last chance to avoid your all unnecessary demand from builder as well as other authority who snatching you peace, sleep in night, dream Home etc. from you……This is your fight ….. Fight for Right….So shows the strength and unity as a BUYER………….


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