Dear Noida extension flat buyer

We, Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association (NEFOMA) are working for the rights of all Noida Extension flat buyers. Some of our demands are :

1. Don’t raise demand letters until projects are bankable.

The banks are not willing to approve any further loans on any of the projects of the Noida Extension. During the booking of the flats the flat buyers told that the banks are ready to give loans and such was the cases, but due to the farmers problem the loans have been withheld by the bankers. In such case the flat buyers are not in a position to pay their further demands.

2. No Interest of this delayed period

Appeal to all builders not to charge any interest to buyers for this period on delayed payment.

3. No Change of Plan

Some of the builders are threatening, that they will convert Flexi plan into CLP plan if flat buyers not pay the amount immediately.

4. FAR Increase Impact

Explanation from builders, how will they use this increase in FAR (new towers or extra floors on towers).

5. Shahberi village Flat Shifting

Shifting of Shahberi village projects to undisputed area should be on same rate and same floor.

Join hands with us to step forward to solve the above mentioned problems on FACEBOOK,

Kindly send your details (Name / Mob. No./ Builder’s name/ Address) at

Kindly give your suggestions and guidelines on these issues, so that we can work more efficiently


On behalf of Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association (NEFOMA)

Tomorrow (24th Nov) NEFOMA Team will meet Our M.P. Mr.Surinder Nagar and raise the Buyers Problems/ Demands. We will ask Mr. Nagar to raise our problems in Parliament and issue some guidelines to Noida Extension Builders/ farmers/ GNA in this regard.

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NEFOMA is Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association.Purpose and objective of NEFOMA is to keep updated to all the future residents of Noida Extension based on the users feedback.User can make their decision owners can raise their voice in case of any issues.

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