I had come to know from various sources that some of the builders agree to return the money of buyer. But I will request on this issue to think again & again…. At this time indication comes from High Court that decision should be in favor of buyers…
In this scenario why builders agree to return the money… & want to cancel bookings of flat… even they needs money at this time for compensation to farmers/Authority & buyers…. Also remember in last some incidents & comments in HC….
These clearly indicates that HC decision will be in favor of buyers. If decision comes in our favor then Price of the Flats in Noida Extension will go extremely high immediately. Because the interest of buyers will increase there. Also Authority will demand for more money from builders to compensate the farmers. Due to these reason Builders will increase the price of flats. But they are bound not to increase price of existing buyers. So they will increase the price of new bookings only….
In this scenario  if booking will be cancelled & they return money to buyers even with interest, think who will be in benefit. You are absolutely on right track…. Builders will be in benefit on this case…. They can resell their flats on higher price…. So before taking any decision think a lot of times….
There is around 10-15 days only to come the decision. So why builders are in hurry to return the money of buyers even they are in crises of money at this time…..
I will suggest that wait until the decision comes from HC. We will win positively.
These are my personnel views only which I am posting for you via NEFOMA…. So think again & again….
…………….. Sanjay Rajput ………………..


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